Plastics Trade

As the shortage of raw material continues to increase, responsible handling of the available resources is ever so important. We do not only provide all types of customised plastics, but we also have the possibility to adapt your own plastic materials, thus permitting you not only to achieve a higher throughput and better energy efficiency, but also to remain competitive in the future.

For conventional plastic materials we enhance according to your requirements:

  • fire behaviour
  • heat ageing
  • EMC
  • UV
  • elongation at break
  • flexibility
  • stiffness
  • dimensional stability
  • and many more

We use the plastic materials to produce the following:

  • test pieces
  • samples (corrugated tube, smooth hose, special parts …)
  • we deliver the parts to you for further testing or
  • test the parts in accordance with a standard specified by you

Your benefit:

  • calculable test costs
  • short development times
  • no machine downtimes due to test execution
  • reduction in personnel cost
  • reduction in energy cost

Should you require data sheets, kindly contact us!

Other services we offer:


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